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The progressive web comic about Trump using the covid-19 pandemic for political reasons.

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Sick, Sick, Sick

According to Vanity Fair Magazine the White House had, early on, developed a plan that would meet the coronavirus at our shores and drive it off. But Trump ditched the plan as he thought the virus would kill so many people in Blue states that the voters would rebel against Democrats and vote them out. An easy-peasy political win for Trump and the GOP... and Putin.


That can't be right. Let me try that again.

The White House had a plan to stop or slow the spread  of the virus but Trump said no, don't do anything, then proceeded to call the virus a hoax, minimized it's danger, ridiculed professional medical advice, promoted dangerous cures, slowed testing, forced coronavirus-infested meat-processing plants to reopen, held rallies in virus-infested cities, hampered the PPE supply chain, politicized the wearing of protective masks, sold back stocks of pandemic materials to other countries, refused to enact the Defense Production Act, demanded that businesses reopen before the virus was contained, demanded that schools reopen before the virus was contained, and almost totally ignored the existence of 150,000 Covid-19 victims because....

Because he just wanted people to die. Because he's a sociopath who enjoys hurting people because his daddy didn't love him enough.

Yeah, that sounds right.


Covid Update: Temps are back to 'normal', so unless something unexpected happens, like I grow breasts or decide to join the Grange, this will be the last update. Thank you for your concern and I'm glad I didn't become a victim of Trump's murderous inclinations.


end rant

News & Notes for July 31, 2020

House cancels August recess until Covid-19 bill is passed.

Trump's 'Delay the election' idea checks all eight rules for fascist propaganda.

Postal union sounds alarm about Trump meddling with mail-in voting for his own benefit.

Portland protests enjoy peaceful night after federal troops leave city.

Dr. Justin Frank: "Trump is a psychotic."

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The progressive web comic about Trump using the covid-19 pandemic for political reasons.

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