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The progressive web comic about that cockroach William Barr.

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I think my second-favorite part of the Barr hearings on Tuesday, first-place going to Rep. Pramila Jayapal's lively dissection of Barr, was the Republican House member who tried to share a laugh with Barr about them silly old protestors calling t-Rump's storm-troopers, well, "storm-troopers".

Dude, those goons were actually playing "The Imperial Theme" as they bore down on the protesters.


Note to storm-troopers: Don't let the doorknob hitcha where the good lord splitcha. Sayonara, suckers!


Anyone who is not voicing the kind of opinions about t-Rump that would guarantee themselves a spot on his enemies list are ensuring that such lists will be an inevitability should he win reelection.

Say it loud. Say it often. "Trump is a tool of Russia and he has to go!"


Trump virus alert: My temperatures are almost within normal tolerances. I am a much happier knee-jerk liberal today.

Thank you, everyone for your good wishes.


end rant

News & Notes for July 29, 2020

Anti-masker Louis Gohmet contracts covid-19.

Kavanaugh tried to convince the Supreme Court to pass on Trump tax case.

Trump petulantly whines that "Nobody likes me."

In just four years Trump has increased Nationa Debt by $6.6 trillion.

Trump has never confronted Putin for placing bountines of American soldiers.

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screwed-over  comic trump the god  comic