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The progressive web comic about the chaos that Trump has chosen to spread in America.

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Mr. Hands-On

If Chunky Hitler had just stepped out of the way and let the already installed safeguards against a possible pandemic perform their functions then the coronavirus crisis would have been much, MUCH less catastrophic to the U.S.

People could have continued working, schools would now be opening, the stock market could have kept chugging along, and life would have continued normally.

And t-Rump would have lost the election.

But, no. He decided to let people die, to let the pandemic spread, and to let economic chaos ensue. As a bonus (or as a planned event) somewhere in the midst of this disarray George Floyd's murder caused a firestorm of public reaction, and the Mango Madman's reaction was to make it worse by sending storm troopers to teargas and shoot peaceful protestors.


So he can be reelected. Or, actually, have a mechanism in place that more easily allows him to steal the election or shut down the vote completely. Think not? You watch.

Seriously, Hair Furor had a choice to act, at the very least, as a neutral observer to the growing viral crisis. Instead he chose to purposely create chaos, to let people die, to let people lose their jobs and homes, to let the country burn in protest, to fill the streets with goons who will (inevitably) begin killing civilians. And Mr. Cognitive Genius is just getting started.

He will no doubt enact martial law and god only knows what other cruel executive office tricks dreamed up by Barr and Miller, and their ilk.

Four years ago we had a choice, as president, between a fascist and someone who was not fascist. Now that we know what fascism looks like let's all pick the right one this time, okay?


Yeah, I know. It's been a week since the last Raging Pencils cartoon.

But I have... not been well.

By all evidence I have covid-19.

I say "evidence" because the only symptom I've had for the past eight days is a low, erratic fever. This, for me, is extremely odd because I haven't had a fever in my entire adult life so I can only assume it's covid.

(Let me take a moment here to say that, yes, I had taken every precaution from the arrival of this virus in Texas to keep myself safe. Masks, gloves, disinfectant, and almost complete isolation the entire time. Easy since I work at home. Somehow one of the little buggers just got in.)

Midway through this stint I contacted a local clinic about a test. They said it'd be 10-15 days before I'd get results. Since I thought I'd be dead by then I figured I'd just wait it out.

I'm not so much debilitated by the disease as anxious for the moment when it might take a hard right turn into lung and/or kidney destruction. I have an oximeter at hand which reassures me that 20 years of hard exercise is keeping my oxygen levels at 98%.

At my age the mortality rate for the virus is about 3%, and I have no comorbidities, which drops that rate even lower, so I think I'll pull through. But this virus is a shifty little bugger with many tricks up its sleeve. One of them being the ability to reinfect. Oh, joy.

For the past few days the fever has dropped into the "nuisance" range but, to be honest, it never reached the danger zone, staying way under 102 degrees.

So thank you for your slack, fellow Pencilnecks. I'll see if I can dredge up a 'toon worthy of a giggle next time rather than one that elicits impotent rage.


end rant

News & Notes for July 27, 2020

Racist asshole Trump refuses to pay respects to John Lewis at the Capitol.

Mentally-challenged dirtball Trump 'pivoted' on coronavirus after he learned it was decimating Red states.

Trump National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien has coronavirus.

National Guard commander says police used 'excessive force' on protesters in Lafayette Square during Trump photo-op.

Republican candidate Tom Cotten thinks slavery was a 'necessary evil'.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)
Trump: I ignored the pandemic, which spread and infected millions.
And the economy faltered and fifty million Americans lost their jobs.
Soon the streets will be full of the hungry and homeless.
And there'll be food riots and race riots and crimes of desperation.
But my personal army will restore order with a swift and deadly response.
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