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The progressive web comic about people who won't wear their virus masks.

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Deep, Cleansing Breaths

People who wear masks value their life and the lives of others.

So if you want to know who hate themselves as much as they hate others, look no further than the naked faces in the grocery aisles.


The horrid creature that sits behind the Resolute Desk of the White House watching Fox News all day is sending unbadged secret "police" into the streets to arrest random people.

This is a political stunt. That's all it is. Screw the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Boy Scout oath and that promise you made to your mama to wear clean underpants every day. Fox News needs fodder to ramp up fear, uncertainty, and doubt amongst it's aging, decrepit, pasty-skinned audience and t-Rump is giving it to them.

Innocent people are being disappeared. Just like in those Central American countries Reagan was so fond of invading. For Freedom!

Currently these secret police are in Portland, Oregon but the plan is to expand this assault on the First Amendment to other cities, most likely those with active BLM protests as brown faces being pounded by police is pure porn for Red-Hatters.

I conjectured earlier this week that t-Rump would tamp down the presidential vote in minority districts by posting armed National Guardsmen in front of each polling place. Some people thought I was being alarmist.

Now imagine the secret police standing out front. Still think I'm alarmist much?


Advisers: "Sir, we need to take steps to regain the support of the Latino community. Locking their children in cages and calling them rapists and murderers is not polling well."

t-Rump: "Suppose I burn down their neighborhoods and salt the earth beneath their feet? I haven't tried that yet. Have I?"

Advisers: "Actually, sir, we were hoping for something a little more... relatable."

t-Rump: "Okay, then, how about l have my sexy little daughter, you know which one I mean, and have her hold a can of those Goya beans? I paid a lot of surgeons a lot of rubles for that face and that body and it's not selling too many purses these days so let's put it to good use."

Advisers: "Well, sir, that would actually violate existing ethics laws regarding the promoting of products from a federal office. Besides, there's a possibility that the images would be parodied by your opponents."

t-Rump: "They wouldn't dare! Believe me."

ivanka with goya dildo


end rant

News & Notes for July 17, 2020

Pentagon says "Screw you, Trump!" and bans Confederate flags on all bases.

Trump unleashes secret police in Portland.

Coronavirus numbers reach all-time high. Meanwhile Trump rambles about dishwashers.

Texas orders body bags and mortuary trucks as it miserably fails to contain the coronavirus.

Trump's toady, Mike Pompeo, says (Barf! Gag! Ugh!) that some human rights aren't worth defending.

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