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The progressive web comic about how some people refuse to wear anti-virus gear in public.

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Covid Breath

Supreme Court

Worst case scenario: "We rule 5-4 in favor of Trump. Enjoy your new Dictatorship. Don't forget your bullet-proof vests when Trump is in town."

Best case scenario: "We rule 9-0 that Trump is out of his tiny mind. Let's go see if we can find Russian fingerprints in those taxes."

Probable Scenario: "We rule 5-4 to send this back to the lower courts. Let 'em kick this around until after the elections. No fucking way we're giving dictatorial powers to Joe Biden."


Fox News, to its viewers: "The virus is easing. It's burning itself out. Get back to work!"

Fox News, to its employees: "Stay home. See you sometime in late Summer. Maybe."


Trump, to Asian reporter: "Maybe that's a question you should ask China."

Reporter (what she should have said): "And by the same token, perhaps you ought to better rehearse your answers with Satan."


A million Americans need to camp on the White House lawn and refuse to leave until Trump does.


I know that Joe Biden has had a woman make allegations of sexual harassment against him but what if, say, 27 women claimed that Donald Trump had sexually assaulted them?

What then, huh?


end rant

News & Notes for May 12, 2020

Obama created detailed game-plan to fight pandemics. Mitch McConnell says it didn't exist.

Dr. Fauci says coronavirus death toll is underreported.

Trump pushes conspiracy theory accusing Joe Scarborough of murder.

There is no evidence that voting by mail gives either party an advantage.

Accidental poisonings increased after Trump suggests ingesting disinfectants.

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The progressive web comic about how some people refuse to wear anti-virus gear in public.

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