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The progressive web comic about how Death wanted to wrok for the Trump administration.

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"Way, Way, WAYYYY Underqualified!"

I'll bet you were wondering just how long it would take me to equate t-Rump's handling of  the Covid-19 epidemic with the Reaper of Souls.

Well, wonder no more.


Still waiting for the Typhoid-Mary-onettes to demand the re-opening of libraries and book stores.


You heard about Mike Pence wandering around the Mayo clinic without a mask, right? I really wish one of the Covid-19 patients had pulled off his mask and blew hot kisses into the snow-capped butt-kissers oblivious face.


Has our military shot down any Iranian boats yet?


I've been hearing information from medical experts who say they don't know what this virus is ultimately capable of, that they've never seen anything like it, that it seems to adjust its damage based on one's genetic make-up, that it may be mutating.

Why didn't they name this thing Trump-19?


The USPS should stop delivering GOP campaign donation letters and postcards, just so we can hear Republican politicians scream and wail and moan and cry and weep that the postal service is vital to this country.


t-Rump: "The media is fake news. Jared Kushner is a brilliant person."

Trump lies about everything.


Note to meat-packing plant employees: t-Rump is trying to kill you by forcing you back into hazardous work environments, but you already know that. So begin showing up late for work. Like, really late. For several days at a time. Then, when they fire you, apply for the unemployment you couldn't get if you simply quit.

This may not work in all states, so check into your local unemployment laws first.


end rant

News & Notes for April 29, 2020

Chinese media says that Trump "feels no guilt" over U.S. coronavirus deaths. Well, duh!

Jared Kushner set back coronavirus response by weeks.

90% of minority-owned business shut out of the Paycheck Protection Program.

Florida orders coroners to stop releasing coronavirus death data.

Dr. Fauci: Second wave of coronavirus inevitable.

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Republican behind desk: We appreciate your interest in joining Mr. Trump’s pandemic response team but we prefer those who share the GOP’s historical approach to the health care of Americans.
Death, with scythe: In other words…?
Hit the road, amateur.

pandemic cupboard comic magadonald's comic