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Progressive comic about Mitch McConnell's treasonous impeachment trial rules.

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Turtling Into the Void

Imagine America without Trump.


This is just a reminder that you're going to hear the most incredible garbage on social media about the remaining Democratic presidential candidates, but they are are all good, decent people with personal and governmental track records that far surpass the fat, lying, traitorous, racist, philandering sackacrap stinking-up the White House.

So pick a candidate and support them. And try hard not to spread the garbage.

And, in the end, even if your candidate is not the eventual nominee always remember that decency > sackakcrap and Vote Blue No Matter Who.


Alan Dershowitz 1998: "Impeachment doesn't require a crime."

Dershowitz 2020: "There has to be a crime."

Dershowitz, 2016: "Trump is more corrupt than Hillary and will continue to be corrupt as president."

Dershowitz 2020: "Be sure you sign my name right on the check."


And finally...

If I could change the rules for being president they would start with the following additions:

• At least two years of local government service.
• At year two years of state government service.
• At least two years of federal government service.


end rant

News & Notes for January 29, 2020

"The President knew everything." - Lev Parnas.

John Bolton likes the tweet that says "Fire the moron who hired Bolton".

Trump's legal team paid Republican senators campaign funds ahead of the impeachment trial.

Harvard law professor: "Call witnesses or face dictatorship."

75% of registered voters want witnesses at the impeachment trial.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Mitch McConnell slowly dissolves into laughter
You realize, Mitch, you're putting party over country.
Lefty: You realize, Mitch, that your rules for the impeachment trial in no way resembles a real trial.
You realize, Mitch, that by not calling for witnesses or allowing subpoenas you're ceding Trump the powers of a dictator.
You realize, Mitch, those stains will never come out of your shorts.
The comic about Mitch McConnell's epically treasonous impeachment trial rules.

unitary executive comic trump's gloves comic