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Progressive comic about Trump being Putin's puppet.

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Asshole Redux

Fat Hitler tweeted this morning that Adam Schiff and Jerry Ndler (both Jews) and the "AOC 3" (all women of color) were "savages".

Man, this guy is pissing himself so hard they're going to have to rename the White House tour bus "The Maid of the Mist". (Look it up. I'll wait.)


Remember when 300 national security pros called President Obama a "profound national security concern"?

(I love being able to ask rhetorical questions like that and know that those who read it understand exactly what I really mean and will both chuckle AND cry along with me at the same time.)


(The following is not a reassuring commentary. Please skip to posts about someone's new puppies if you don't want a real gut-punch.)

Trump will be certainly impeached but he won't leave the White House because the Senate won't convict him. He's then going to become a monster because he knows he's not going to be impeached again no matter what laws he breaks.

He may actually start arresting his "enemies". He may shut down elections. He might start rounding up every brown-skinned person in America and fence them inside Kansas. He may do fucking ANYTHING to get elected again because he's the President and nothing short of a military coup or a coronary infarction will stop him. There is currently no mechanism that can stop a lawless president if all the enforcers of the nation's laws <cough> Bill Barr<cough> are in on the grift.

Trump's actions up to this point may have beggared belief but, believe me, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

The really horrible notion is that even if the Democrats don't impeach Trump the same thing will probably occur, but at least the Democrats will have done their job. The Republicans will wring their pearls and pretend to worry that their poll numbers are going to be affected by Trump's criminal behavior (Not counting the dozens of Republican Congressmen who have already left the race in an attempt to retain a shred of decency.) but they'll be fine as long as Trump stays in the White House for the next decade, followed by his sons and daughters.

In my view Americans now have only two options. We can either hope that the elections are still free and fair in 2020 or (and in my opinion the only thing that can really save this country) millions of Americans must descend on Washington immediately and refuse to leave until Trump is gone.

You may now return to your rapid descent into despotism, which is already in progress.


end rant

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Trump: A candidate for president of the United Sates is in a corrupt scheme with Ukraine!
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