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Progressive comic about Trump the traitor asking traitors to be executed.

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Looking A Grift Horse in the Mouth.

"If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed... and we will deserve it."
- Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, May 2016.

" Well, Lindsay, you can't say you didn't warn you."
- John Zal, today.


The Great Orange Glob's first phone call to Ukraine's President Zelensky came exactly one day after Robert Mueller testified before Congress.

Yes, he actually believed the Fox News bubble-babble that Mueller's testimony exonerated him, so he felt he was free to solicit interference again in 2020.

But her emails.


Who said the GOP can't get things done?

It only took them 2-1/2 years to replace the heads of the U.S. government with an "organized" crime family.


t-Rump intimated today, in so many words, that whomsoever finked on him about the Ukraine phone call should be executed as a spy.

This is a crime called "witness intimidation".

In response to this I Tweeted to the effect that [expletive deleted] t-Rump should be careful what he wishes for as legal eyes are no doubt narrowing in his direction regarding his interaction with Russia. My actual Tweet was much less elegant but no direct threat.

As a result, and probably to no one's surprise, I earned myself a 12-hour cooling-off period on Twitter as the post was considered a threat to the existence of [censored] [censored] Mr. Unindicted [censored] Co-conspirator. I guess if he actually begins [censored]-ing people on Main Street I'll be forced to post sharp, satiric commentary in the form of Sudoku puzzles or Czechoslovakian haiku.


This situation we find ourselves in with a quisling con artist as president? It could have been worse. Hillary could have been elected.

Allow me to explain.

If Hillary had emerged triumphant, and it would have only required about 80,000 more strategically-placed votes, the House and Senate, both run by Republicans, would continue to do nothing for another four years and proceed to blame Ms. Clinton for her "inability to lead".
The would be no Russia investigation, Trump would have walked free to start his new Anti-Hillary News Network, and Fox News would be reporting as truth every nut-bag, tinfoil-hat theory about Clinton that appeared on 4-Chan.
As a result, a malaise would have settled over the voters and they would feel no urgency to rectify matters in the mid-terms. Likely as not, Clinton would be replaced after four years by a Republican president by voters who just wanted to "get something, anything done" in Washington.

Which is exactly where we are now, except we wouldn't have Trump but a Republican president who is probably not a moron yet every bit as despotic as Trump.

Let that sink in.

Now, thanks to Trump and his Russian pals, the full venal, treacherous nature of the Republican Party is on full display. As a result, the Progressives of this country are fully energized and ready to whup some Conservative ass 13 months from now. And there are a lot of Independents and ex-Republicans ready to join them in 2020. The GOP is the best advertisement for the Democratic Party.

One of the first things I hope the Democrats will do, if they get the Senate in 2020, is fix the rules so that a President can never again claim he or she is above the law. It could happen.

Yes, we could actually be on the verge of a new American Renaissance... just as long as we vote Blue, no matter who.

(Much of the above is pretty obvious conjecture and has been pondered by cranks better able to string words together than me, but it's late at night and I felt the need to bitch and moan and, eventually, convince myself that, yes, it does get better.)


end rant

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Trump: We need to execute traitors!
Lefty: staring.
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