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Fascist Despots. As If, Right?

Police: "Excuse me, ma'am? Is this your car?"

Woman: "Why, yes it is."

Police: "And is that your baby in there?"

Woman: "Yes, it is, officer. That's my little shmoogly-googly. I left him there over an hour ago."

Police: "An hour? Ma'am, do you realize this is felony endangerment of a child? I need you to unlock that car right now and..."

Woman: "Calm down, officer. It's okay. He's armed."

Police: "He's... what?"

Woman: "Yes. I left my gun with him to protect himself and so he could shoot out the windows if he needed a little fresh air."

Police: "Oh, well, that's different. Sorry to have bothered you, ma'am. You have a nice day now."

Woman: "You, too, officer. <GUNSHOT!> <GLASS SHATTERS> It's great to be an American."


And now, today's news headlines.

• Hospitalized El Paso victims refuse to meet Trump.
• Trump will have to testify in McCabe lawsuit.
• Banks handed over Trump documents to House Democrats.
• Dayton Mayor calls Trump "Bully and a coward".
• Trump forces head of the DNI out.
• Minnesota farmers angry about Trump's trade war.
• Pentagon report blames Trump for resurgence of ISIS
• Trump deported Detroit resident to wrong country where he dies for lack of insulin.
• U.S. Foreign Service officer resigns because of Trump's "toxic agenda".
• Trump goes to El Paso and brags about his rally crowd size.
• Trump biographer says "Trump has no capacity for empathy".
• Republican group runs ad on Fox News demanding McConnell and Trump secure our elections.
• Republican lawmaker now supports gun control, after his daughter was almost shot in Dayton.
• Trump suing California for making him have to release his taxes.
• Trump-supporting group that privately funded the border wall under criminal investigation.
• Trump administration authorizes the use of cyanide bombs to kill inconvenient wildlife.
• Judge tells Trump he can't withhold public safety grants from Oregon over sanctuary law.
• The State Department suspends a staffer with white supremacy ties.
• Montana man arrested for assaulting 13-year-old boy thought he was following Trump's orders.
• Top State Department diplomat resigns over Trump Guatemalan immigration policy.
• Trump tariff's will cost U.S. households $500 each.


end rant

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A Beginner's Guide to Guns
Flintlock, 1776, 2 rounds per minute. Used as protection from the British, Native Americans, Spain and wild animals.
AK-47, 2019 600 rounds-per-minute. Used as protection against (Russians, chinese. ISIS, fascist despots) Walmart shoppers.

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