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Progressive comic about how kids hate that racist Trump.

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Kids Hate Trump

As I was writing this comic I had to wonder what kids today actually find creepy. In a world of a looming environmental apocalypse creepiness may be the least of their worries.

And before you think I drew this comic as a pure ad hominem attack on the Worst Presdient Ever I just want you to know that I'm hearing anecdotal information that parents are coming around to the progressive side regarding Fat Hitler because their kids understand what a racist hunk of crap he is and they don't like it. In my heart I know this to be true. Let's just hope such faith extends to the voting booths next November.


t-Rump: "Hey, Stephen! I'm bored. We haven't done anything really shitty to kids lately. You got any ideas?"

Miler: "Hmmm.... well, we could rescind deferred medical action."

t-Rump: "Meaning?"

Stephen Miller: "Meaning we take the immigrant kids that are in our hospitals, especially the little vermin infesting our cancer wards, and executive-action them and their brown-ass families back across the border. Your voters should get a real kick out of that."

t-Rump: "What'll happen to the kids?"

Miller: "Die. Probably."

t-Rump: "Well, I guess they should have thought of that before they got sick. But why are those immigrant kids in my hospitals in the first place? Was this one of Obummer's totally sad executive actions?"

Miller: "Sorry, no. Giving migrants extra time in this country to take care of their kids was an extension of the Immigration Act of 1952."

t-Rump: "Soooo, this means the ACLU's gonna pitch a fit, right? With courts and lawyers and legal stuff?"

Miller: "Yeah, but it's not your money, so who cares."

t-Rump: "Mmmmm. How are soy bean sales doing lately?"
Miller: "Crappy."

t-Rump: "Fuck 'em. Do it."


Media: "How do we know that you're not proposing having the next G-7 meeting at Mar-A-Lago in order to profit off the presidency?"

t-Rump: "Well, see, I don't worry about money because I've probably already lost $5 billion as president..."


He's actually saying his sons and son-in-law have lost $5 billion dollars of his money running his properties? In just thirty months. That's $150 million dollars a month. And he apparently is fine with that because they're still pulling the levers of Trumpco.

If he's "lost" any money as president it's because he can't launder millions through bogus real estate deals with the Russians as freely as he once did.


end rant

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