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Progressive comic about imprisoning  immigrant children.

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For those who hadn't heard, the job listing in this 'toon is 100% real. It was from the Homestead Child Migrant Center in Homestead, Florida.


House: "Did anyone see your synopsis of the Mueller Report before you released it?"

William Barr: "No."

House. "Let's ask again. Did anyone see your synopsis of the Mueller Report before you released it?"

Barr: "I, uh.... SQUIRREL!"

House: "Just to be clear, did anyone see your synopsis of the Mueller Report before you released it?"

Barr: "Yeah. No. Maybe. Screw the ACA!"


William Barr said today, in so many words, that he will help Trump kill pre-existing conditions. He also said if Trump was going to lose the election then why should the public be worried about him taking this action.

That is some sinister shit right there.

Did I mention that Barr sneered, literally sneered at Democratic Congressmen as he made these statements?


Cash For Clunkers

Democrat style: Cash paid for older cars to keep Detroit in business, improve the air quality, and to help end the Bush recession.

Republican style: Dark money spent to get odious scumbags like Mitch McConnell elected.


Isn't it just hilarious that t-Rump is dead-set on building a bronze-age wall to protect us from immigrants but he's quietly dismantling security departments that would protect us from modern threats?

Oh, yes. I just laugh and laugh and laugh.


Kirstjen Nielsen is not an innocent victim of a Narcissist Nedley temper tantrum. The policies she enforced while head of the DHS were illegal.

As in "illegal".

As in the kind of thing that gets you thrown into the hoosegow under normal circumstances.

As in "What the hell is normal anymore?"


If you hired a guy to flip your burgers and he just goofed off you'd have to fire him, right?

Should there not be some way to fire a Senator who refuses to DO HIS DAMN JOB, which means overseeing an out-of-control chief executive? I don't mean elections, people, I mean some way to make government function to the minimal standards of a fast-food franchise.

I know I don't know every single Congressional rule but, god DAMN, this is absurd.


Henry Ford, 1919: "You can have a Model T in any color as long as it's black."

Donald Trump, 2019: "You can have a MAGA shirt in any color as long as it's brown."


Put simply, here's why the Senate no longer works, or never worked:

California has a population of 40 million people. They get two senators.

Wyoming has a population of 500,000 people. They also get two senators.

If any state had a population of just two people, it would get two senators.

If we're going to HAVE a Senate it's clear that the representation should more evenly apportioned.


And finally:Ted Lieu, you totally rock!


end rant

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Lefty: Are you physically able to run, jump, lunge, twist, push, pull, apply restraint techniques and otherwise manage or coerce the full weight of an infant or adolescent?
Red Hat: What the Hell are you reading?
It's from an ad for guards at one of Trump's immigrant camps.
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