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Progressive comic about Republicans packing the courts with apparatchiks.

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Look Out Below!

Here's a Fun Fact: Currently, one in six circuit court judges have been appointed by the t-Rump administration.

Here's an even Funner Fact: Mitch McConnell is trying to change the rules of the Senate so he can appoint more federal judgeships even faster. Like, fifteen times faster.

How the GOP is filling so juducial seats many, so fast, is because they slowed President Obama's judge selection process to a crawl, oftentimes a standstill, leaving dozens, possibly hundreds of positions unfilled.

You see, Mitch McConnell was saving it for "a Republican president", just like he withheld the Merrick Garland nomination fo the Supreme Court. Like he knew, a long time ago, that t-Rrump would be the next president. All Mitch needed was 77,000 tactical votes in three specific states to get his wish.

Gosh, I wonder how he knew.

These extremetist judges the Republicans are ramming through are going to be a fucking time bomb for the future of Democracy in this country. Worse even, in the long run, than the neutron bomb we have sitting in the Oval Office.

And before you say "Oh, the Republicans would never knowingly allow a Russian operative near the levers of power" just look at what's sitting in the White House eating hamberders.


Every Democrat in the House today voted on a bill to:

• Fix gerrymandering
• Impose new ethics reforms
• End dark money
• Create automatic voter registration
• Provide oversight of foreign agents
• Make it harder for state governments to suppress the vote
• Require presidents to disclose tax returns

Every House Republican voted "No".

Every. Single. One.

And why do they think they can get away with this?
Gerrymandering. Dark money. Voter suppression. Foreign interference in elections. Lax ethics laws. Lack of transparency.

These things keep Republicans in office, and they like it that way.


When the Republicans "impeached" Bill Clinton his popularity numbers went up. Today I'm hearing otherwise sensible progressive voices say that we can't impeach t-Rump for the same reason. That t-Rump's popularity numbers would increase enough to tip the scales towards Republicans in 2020.

To this idea I say "Bullshit!"

When Nixon left office under the cloud of impeachment Americans did not feel pity for Little Dick and elect Gerald Ford in 1976.

Bill Clinton's numbers rose because the country knew that the Republicans were playing politics and they got punished for it. (Yes, they stole the 2000 election thanks to the Supreme Court but that's another story.)

Most Americans understand that t-Rump is a criminal and a danger to this country. He needs to be impeached as soon as possible. And I, for one, look forward to that Stepford Wife of a VP, Pence, running for president in his place. That would be freaking hilarious.


Judge Ellis: "Mr. Manafort was not before this court for Russian collusion <wink-wink> so I will, for no reason, specifically state that he wasn't before this court for Russian collusion <wink-wink> and give him a ridiculously light sentence that has nothing to do with Russian collusion <wink-wink-wink-wink-wink-wink-wink-winkitty-wink-wink>."

For the record, Judge Elles described Manafort as leading a "blameless life".

People, Manafort is PROFOUNDLY unethical, having spent his entire adult lifetime defending thugs, dictators, and strongmen around the world, regardless of how much blood was spilled. He will be on anyone's side for a wad of cash. His first words as a memebr of the t-rump team was "How can I use this to make myself whole with the Russians."

I dearly hope Manafort gets shanked in the prison shower, but only after his anus has prolapsed from all the ass-rapings he's due.




end rant

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