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Progressive comic about the New Green Deal.

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The Old Green Deal

So Fox News doesn't get the Democratic debates?

Good. That should leave them with Mike Pence debating Mitt Romney.

Oooh, my nipples get hard just thinking about it.


It doesn't matter what the GOP promises about tax cuts. They can say we'll all float up to the Moon nestled snugly between Scarlett Johansson's boobs if they pass a tax cut bill but the truth is that they just want to take more of our money and give it to the goddam ultra-rich.

End of story.


You may ask how Medicare For All can be paid for. It won't be as hard as you think if you realize that the cost of health care in America is exacerbated by excessive numbers of middle managers and executives across numerous, unrelated companies. Centralize the bureaucracy and eliminate the need for profit and the costs can be greatly reduced.

Big picture: What the HELL do insurance companies have to do with health care anyway? We're not cars. We're not houses. We're people.




end rant

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Two GOP elephants sitting in a pile of fossil industry bribes.
We don't need a green new deal.
We prefer the old green deal.

puppet judges comic metric racism comic