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Progressive comic comparing Obama to Trump.

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No, not THAT kinda dope. The non-urban, white-people, bad kind.

An investigation found no evidence of racist intent by Covington Catholic students during the Lincoln Memorial incident.

Using this same standard of intent, Colin Kaepernick should still be playing football.


What the media asked Senator Burr: "Is there direct evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians?"
Burr: "No."

What the media SHOULD have asked Senator Burr: "Has the Senate found inculpatory evidence of any crime with an implicitly collusive component, as attorneys define 'inculpatory evidence'?"

Burr's answer would have been: "Yes."

(A tip o' the chapeau to Seth Abramson)


I don't care that t-Rump installed a golfing simulator in the White House NEAR as much as I mind the Russians installing a president simulator.


The Federal Reserve just announced that a record seven million Americans are 90 days or more behind on their auto loan payments.

You have to wonder what that number was like, oh, say, two years ago.


How many of us have said "Hey! I don't like the guy my sister is dating. Think I'll forward his messages and dick pics from her cell phone to the National Enquirer for no reason."?


I think we need to make a federal holiday of August 9. That's the day Nixon resigned.

You know... just as a reminder.


I've read that several newspapers are dropping Wiley Miller's "Non Sequitur" comic because he snuck in a VERY subtle "Fuck Trump" message this past Sunday.

The problem, dear newspaper editors, is Trump, not Wiley.
We need more Non Sequitur, less Trump.

And, by the way, fuck Trump!


t-Rump boasted that his crowd in El Paso numbered 10,000.

However, the arena in which his rally was held only holds 6500 people.

However, there were 10,000 to 15,000 more people outside the arena.

However, they were all there to see Beto.




end rant

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Comic comparing Trup to Obama
Remember when President Obama brought us hope and change?
Now all we get is dope and strange.
MAGA, clean coal, covfefe, hamburgers, stable genius, nazis are fine people, fake news, wall-wall-wall, putin's our friend, shutdown, truth isn't truth, execute the babies.

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