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Progressive comic about Trump as a one man shitstorm

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Red Sky at Dawn

Every morning I could tweet "Another day, another shitshow" and everyone would know exactly what I meant.


Trump ran a fundraiser for veterans and kept the money.
Trump ran a charity for kids with cancer and kept the money.

Trump worked with the Russians to steal the 2016 election but is now blaming Ukraine so that Putin can make billions from natural gas sales.

I'm beginning to think that Republicans are a VERY bad judge of character.


The U.S. Constitution specifically lists two crimes that must result in the impeachment of the president:


Not murder, not rape, not theft, not dishonoring thy mother and father... treason and bribery.

That's because those two crimes, if left unchecked, could result in the destruction of this entire country.

Donald Trump has, without doubt, attempted to bribe the president of the Ukraine, and most likely many others.

The House will impeach Trump because the Constitution says they must. The Republicans in the Senate have no interest in this democracy and will not vote to Remove unless we make our voices heard now... and loudly.


I love what I'm hearing from this new Anonymous book but I want corroboration. I want the writer to reveal himself and I want his fellow staffers to say "Yeah, that's right".

Until then it's no more useful than a pure fiction.


I'll bet you that there is enough footage for a daily half-hour program of Trump saying and doing the stupidest stuff, but the networks cut out all but the ten seconds of "normal president" they choose to broadcast.


Another result of the Tuesday elections is Eric Holder and Michael Bloomberg and, who knows, maybe even Cher's dog jumping into the presidential race.

Trump is toast and everyone knows it.


end rant

News and Notes for November 9, 2019

Why doesn't Michel Bloomberg buy Fox News and save us all a lot of trouble?

The whistleblower complain has been corroborated.

Rudy Giuliani is gonna sing.

Jeff Sessions has no self-respect.

How Virginia voters turned their state Blue.

The richest 1% of Americans will soon surpass the accumulated wealth of the entire middle-class.

Vindman: "There is no doubt that Trump demanded Ukraine investigate Biden."

Washington Post: The United States is being run by a toddler.

No one is legally running the Department of Homeland Security.

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Weather report
And while El Nino has receded into the Pacific La Pendejo continues to intensify over the East coast resulting in localized shit-storms that will spread over most of the country until well into 2021 when it's predicted to be driven back into Russia by a Blue Tsunami.
This is Lefty, reminding you to have your Republican congressman spayed or neutered.

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