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Big Blue Tsunami 1.5

You might say Big Blue had a pretty awesome Tuesday.

Kentucky now has a Democratic Governor, in a state that Trump won by 30 points in 2016.

Senate Republicans were watching this election closely. They're not happy tonight. Especially Mitch McConnell.

The Kentucky county in which Trump held his rally for Republican Matt Bevin on Monday voted for Democrat Andy Beshear 66%-33%.

Trump at his Kentucky rally on Monday: "If Bevin loses they’re going to say Trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world. You can’t let that happen to me."


Since Trump took office, Democrats have flipped governorships in Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, Illinois, Maine, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Kentucky.

Democrats flipped the Virginia House and Senate. Plus they already own the governorship.

Democrats won the city council of Columbus, Indiana, hometown of Mike Pence, for the first time since 1981.

Democrats took the city council in Delaware County, PA for the first time since the Civil War.

Juli Briskman, the bicyclist fired from her job for flipping off Trump's motorcade, won her first election.

Blue Tsunami II, coming soon to a voting booth near you.

Addendum: In 2017 an election in the Virginia House of Delegates ended in a tie between the Republican and the Democrat. After months of legal wrangling they decided to choose the winner by basically drawing a name out of a hat. The seat went to the Republican.

This year the same two candidates vied for the same position only this time the Democrat, Shelly Simonds, won with 58% of the vote.


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News and Notes for November 6, 2019

University of Alabama says "Protest Trump and lose your football tickets".

#MoscowMitchIsNext trends after Kentucky elections.

Senator Rand Paul blocks legislation designed to protect whistleblowers.

"Quid pro quo" equals "extortion".

Michael Bloomberg outspends NRA to help Democrats in Virginia.

Lindsay Graham puts his hands over his ears and goes "La-la-la-la-la, I can't hear testimony about Trump's extortion of Ukraine!"

Democratic sweep of Virginia gives new life to the Equal rights Amendment.

Republicans attempt to steal Kentucky Governorship.

Federal judge rejects Trump moral-objection rule for health care.

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Sofa: Can you believe they kicked me to the curb just because I'm the wrong color?
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Couch: I'm going to be another statistic just because I'm chartreuse.
That's all they see, man.
Plus their dog peed on me.
Been pissed on a few times myself. You just deal.
Love seat: And I'm full of bed bugs.
Yeah, well, okay, uh, I gotta go. Be cool, man.
I also murdered a guy.

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