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Progressive comic about Jesus returning on Halloween.

start rant

Halloween Jesus

Sorry. Just needed to take a little break from the Washington madness.


You know how I know there's no god?

Because there's no multi-billion dollar government program designed to find god, interface with it, and weaponize it as a means to destroy the enemy.

Whoever that might be.


Jeffrey Epstein, "hung himself".

Deborah Palfrey, "hung herself".

Lesson: If you supply young girls to Republicans don't buy green bananas.


Hey, speaking of sex-workers/Republicans, whatever happened to Jeff Gannon, nee James Guckert?


end rant

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Jesus picked an awkward day to return. Haloween.
Little witch girl:
Aren't you a little old for this?
Man: Dude. Lame costume.

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