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Progressive comic about how Putin will ride Trump like a pony.

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If Wishes Were Horses Asses

Trump locks kids in cages, brags about sexual assault, allows journalists to be bone-sawed, destroys the family farm and too many other monstrous acts to mention and Joe Fucking Scarborough says we can't boo him the one moment he steps out of the bubble?

Eat a bag of dicks, Joe, and have explosive diarrhea for the next five years.


Did you see t-Rump choke-up and start sobbing when the crowd started to boo him at the World Series?

That obese lump of crap is the Chernobyl of self-pity.


On Saturday Fat Hitler went to an historically black college(?) to give a speech but had all but a handful of the students locked in their dorms so, I'm guessing, they wouldn't boo him.

I bet now he's wondering why he didn't have the entire World Series crowd locked in the weiner refrigeration room.


I hope every Senate Republican heard those boos from the World Series crowd. They may not know it but the crowd was booing them, too.


Hair Furor was engaged in impeachable activities for the first two years in office but House Republicans chose to do nothing. Now Senate Republicans look as though they will continue to ignore his crimes, too.

We have a criminal class in this country, and it's called the Republican Party.


Have you ever seen those ads on public television, the kind which simply name the product or the manufacturer and then lets it go at that?

If we have to have political ads they need to look and sound like those.


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Sanders: I look forward to being the first Jewish president.
Warren: I look forward to being the first woman president.
Buttigieg: I look forward to being the first gay president.
Putin: I look forward to riding Trump like a pony for the next five years.

halloween jesus comic cannibal trump comic