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The progressive web comic about how Trump is using immigrant children to foment American Fascism.

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Baby Steps

El Presidente Buyer's Remorse
obviously isn't bright enough to know or care how our government works so there is, without doubt, someone whispering in his little ears "You know... you could be dictator-for-life of this country if you'll just do (this ghastly, insane thing)."

Can someone tell us who this guy is? Yeah, I know, you're going to say it's Miller or Bannon or Putin but I'm betting it's someone who stays completely out of the limelight.

It'd be nice to shame him at a Burger King.


When I heard that audio clip of the wardens at those baby prisons telling the little kids to not talk to the press the first thing that came to mind was pedophiles who tell their little victims not to tell anyone what's been done to them.

This is no different. No different at ALL.


The t-Rump administration is kidnapping children at the border, end of story. This is a war crime, complicated by the Lindbergh Act, which states that transporting kidnapped people over state lines is a capital offense, the kind that gets you strapped to a gurney.

The only reason this is continuing is that the Republican Party is complicit, both with TinyFingers McSnatchenGrabber and the Russians involved with stealing our elections.

They're war criminals. Every damn one of them.


You're all planning to be at the march protesting t-Rump's family separations this Saturday, right?


I once owned eights cats at one time, seven of which were black. I've often wondered why I preferred blacks cats over any other variety, but today I decided that it's their eyes. Yes, all cats have beautiful eyes but the eyes of black cats glitter like diamonds against that small sea of black velvet.

But, of course, like all cats, it's their tails that do all the real talking.


I am the Red Hen. Fuck Trump.


end rant

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