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Grok Around the Glock

As I understand "the rules" even murderers of the worst stripe get to slam-dance with Jesus for all eternity as long as they accept him from among all other possible deities as the all-purpose Soul Man.

Since I haven't heard or read anything suggesting you don't get to keep your memories once you pass the Pearly Gates then, yeah, you have to believe that all the victims of mass murders have to occasionally share a booth at the Heavenly Ihop with the guy who artfully filleted them with "Lucille", or whatever they call their pet assault weapon.

You also have to believe that all those kids mown down  in our schools are now in Heaven with nothing but kid memories of being sliced and diced by the weird guy who hangs around the teeter-totter at the Paradise Playgrounds. They probably spend a lot of time crying at the memory of lead slugs slashing through their bodies. They also no doubt miss their parents, who they won't see for a long, long time.

Yeah, that sounds terrible but if you believe in a Just Reward then you should do everything in your power to see that all people live a rich, rewarding life full of love and pain, success and failure, all the things that make us human, the stuff we all deserve even if we don't believe in god.

Getting rid of assault weapons, or all guns, would be a great start. And I'll bet, after a few years, we wouldn't even miss them.


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St. Peter: Well, of course we let the man who murdered you into Heaven. He accepted Jesus as his lord and savior. Don't blame us if your parents don't understand the meaning of 'a well-regulated militia'. MAGA. Dead kids full of bullet holes.