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The progressive web comic about Paul Ryan resigning.

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The GOP Bites

Republicans are like little kids who want a dog. They'll whine and moan and bug you almost to death to get their way. They'll scheme and plot and even enlist mom to withhold sex. They'll promise to take care of it and clean up all its messes, but the moment you give in and get 'em their damn dog they're like "Who? Us? No, we're not picking up that poop or combing out that tangled mop of hair or treating its fleas.

Yuck! Gross!

It's not our problem that it's destroying the furniture or eating your dress shoes or stealing food from babies and all the poor folk. We think it's funny how he licks his balls in public and runs with a pack of wild dogs that do nothing but look for black people to bite.

Now give us another $100 so we can buy him the best cuts of beef in town because Fox News says he's the best dog who ever lived and you're a treasonous liberal snowflake cuck bastard if you don't."

And that's why I'm a cat person.


Considering all the wars around the globe this isn't a dog-eat-dog world, it's God-eat-God.


It seems to me that the Republican plan to avoid another black president is to never have another president at all.


According to the House of Commons the richest 1% are on target to own 2/3rds of all wealth by 2030.
So, how's that trickle-down working for ya?


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

If Trump leaves office Paul Ryan would be the next Vice-President. If Pence goes down with Trump then Ryan could actually be President, so why would he resign now? What does Ryan know that's so horrible that he'd give up his only real shot at the White Hou…?
Holy shit.
Robert Mueller.