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The progressive web comic about Trump becoming dictator.

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Who's Got Time for Dat?

You know what part of the Cambridge Analytic story that should really perk your ears up? It's not the part about the hookers or the raping of personal Facebook information. No, indeed.

It's the discovery that these guys wrote code for emails that could delete themselves.

Yes, it's possible to write computer code that deletes itself, which would be particularly useful in (say it with me now) "computer voting machines".


Schmuck D'Orange will never be truly happy unless his Veteran's Day parade includes Russian tanks.


When, not if, Trump fires Mueller the Right will do nothing in response. Not a goddamn thing.

We, the people, have to be on the streets that day because we're all we've got.


Somewhere there HAS to be a "Motel Portmanteau".


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

GOP elephant: Well, of course we want Trump to become dictator. It would be nearly impossible to find someone worse than that dumb bastard.