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The progressive web comic about Trump's military parade.

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Tiananmen Trump

Why does Mini-Nixon need a parade in Washington when he already has a circus in the White House?


The Fat Bald Fascist of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue wants to have a parade just like the one the French have for Bastille Day.

Do you think he understands the irony of that?


I'm beginning to think this is a capital idea.

Wouldn't it be a lovely spectacle if on the day of Whiny McTweetypants pity-party to assuage his hurt feewings if a million pussy-hatted women took to the parade route, barreling over barricades and showing their asses to the assembled military might, daring the gendarmes to do a goddamn thing about it.

And what if behind them was a million veterans, and a million Dreamers, and a million disappointed t-Rump voters?

Yeah, this could happen.


While we're talking about the Rob Porter scandal let me take you back to 2005 when the Bush White House gave press credentials to an ACTUAL male prostitute, who was then operating under the stage name of Jeff Gannon (real name James Guckert) whose main job, presumably apart from treating any amenable cabinet members to a quick Dirty Sanchez or a quick Rusty Trombone, was to lob softball questions at the fake-Texas dumbass the Supreme Court chose to run the country.

This Republican bullshit never stops, does it?


The Number Three person at the DOJ just stepped down to take a VERY lucrative position at Walmart. My tinfoil hat is interpreting this as a payoff so that t-Rump can replace her with someone more, shall we say, obedient to Putin's plan.


end rant

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Woman with pussy hat standing in front of tank holding sign saying "Fuck Trump".
Tank commander: Could someone tell the president that his parade has hit a little snag?