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Do you Trust Me?

Funny how Fat Hitler is inspired by French parades but not their health care system.


Over the last few years I've judged the severity of Winter based on the number of cups of cocoa I've consumed. One year I had no cups at all.

This year I've begun to moo in my sleep.


Social media is becoming a problem, especially as it regards bogus information. But I have a simple solution...

Develop a Twitter-like site that does not allow either links or images.

You can still pick your friends but your conversations will be about what you know, not what you link to. If you want images on a personal page, that would be fine, but only those interested will deign to visit them.

This method will dramatically reduce the spread of misinformation and will, as a happy result, force users to verify statements themselves.

You may despise the idea of not ogling your friend's lunch photos but it'll sure beat the mess we've got now.


I recently developed a sudden and semi-consuming interest in WWII tanks and was recommended, by someone who is an authority on such things, a book called "Mailed Fist" by John Foley, a then-lieutenant in Her Majesty's tank corps.

"Okay", says I, "I'll just check one out from the library."
Nope. No copies in the Dallas library system. So on to eBay, where I hoped to snag an inexpensive edition.

Hmm. Two copies. One for $150, one for $300. Evidently I have good taste in books but this is kind of ridiculous.

Amazon? Lots of copies there, starting at $250 and going up to almost a thousand dollars. Yes, for a paperback.

Now I'm pissed.

So I crack my knuckles and start dredging the 'net. And VOILA! I found a copy from a French book dealer.

$7, shipped. Love me some French book-dealers.

Is it worth a thousand bucks? No, because Amazon is weird, but it's still a fascinating, detailed, first-person account of a tank-driver's life in dubya-dubya-eye-eye.


end rant

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