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Progressive comic about my hanging trump christmas ornament

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You Think I'm Kidding?

Yes, I really DID make a "Hanging Treasonous Weasel" ornament. In fact, I liked them so much I made extras, with my own dainty little hands. See?

In anticipation that you fellow progressives out there might enjoy one of these, too, I have cranked out a modest inventory of a dozen or so, all ready to go. My price?

$25, each. With free shipping in the U.S.

Yeah, I know. That sounds somewhat usurious for a little chunk of Sculpey but this is ART, dammit! And because they're hand-made by me (And not some unfortunate urchin in a Malaysian sweatshop) each one comes with a smidgen of my DNA. (Don't tell me THAT doesn't give you nightmares.) There's also material costs, shipping, insurance, yadda-yadda-yadda, so $25 is dirt cheap unless you're a struggling cartoonist.

You could also make one yourself. It's not hard. Even sell them on Etsy and make a few..... Oh. Crap.

Anyway, as an added ploy to garner your hard-earned simoleons each figure will come vaguely signed by "Lefty"and will be accompanied by a signed "Certificate of Dubious Authenticity". For those with faulty depth perception the figures themselves are about 2-1/2" tall. With hook included they're about 5" in length.

If purchased today, December 17th, I can pretty much guarantee delivery before Xmas, though no promises. But keep in mind that this is not just an Xmas bauble as it can be hung and enjoyed all the year 'round. So if I run out of the first batch of twelve I'll honor the following purchases just as fast as I can.

If you're still here and can't wait to get your greasy mitts on one of these things just press the happy Paypal button below and whip out your credit card.


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Like most folks, Every year I add a memorable keepsake to the old pagan tree.
For example, in 2009 I added an Obama "Ho-Ho-Hope and Change" ball.
UnfortunatelyI couldn't find the perfect ornament for 2018 so I decided to make my own.
Trump hanging by tie ornament.

Drunk on power