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Progressive comic about Trump pardoing a turkey

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Found and Lost

Can you believe the Obese Orange Autocrat is still trying to sweep aside the Khashoggi murder by saying we'd lose a good customer for our military weaponry, Saudi Arabia, if we start assigning blame where it honestly lays, and that's at the feet of Prince Salman. The logic is that Saudi Arabia would leave in a huff and just go buy weapons from the murder vendors on the other side of the street, Russia and/or China.

It doesn't work that way.

Saudia Arabia has a vast inventory of U.S. weapon systems and they're not about to junk it and buy the competitors goods. It's like you own a PC and have thousands invested in software and hardware. You're not likely to trash it all and go buy a Mac just because Bill Gates starts building shrines to Nickleback.

Trump is allowing Saudi Arabia to kill our people, our journalists, because he makes massive bank from Saudi tenants in his buildings.


Hillary Clinton was falsely accused of illegally using private email server by the GOP. The GOP went crazy.

Ivanka Trump gets caught illegally using a private email server. GOP snoozes.

Hillary Clinton was falsely accused of running a child-sex ring in a pizza store basement by GOP. The GOP proceeded to lose its shit form months over this.

Considering the way the GOP cops are snoozing on the job I'm thinking Ivanka is missing a golden opportunity to actually run a child-porn operation in a pizza store basement.

(Actually, when you think about it, there's only a modest difference between child sweat-shop labor and a child-sex ring as both mistreat children physically while paying them nothing so I guess Ivanka's halfway there.)


It occurred to me, long after I'd posted the 'toon, that I could have drawn every turkey exactly the same, and t-Rump would have picked the final turkey using the same criteria. Oh, well.


end rant

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Trump picks a turkey to pardon.
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