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Progressive comic about Stan Lee

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Back when I was just a kidling, and that's a long-ass time ago, I perceived Stan Lee as a giant in the comic biz.
I understood that the artists and writers did all the heavy lifting but it was obvious that Stan Lee was the Hand of God resting solidly on their shoulders, guiding their paths to Comic Nirvana.

But, I have to admit, for the past 20 years or so I've considered him as merely the colorful figurehead of a vast trove of marketable, copyrighted material, much of which he was spinning into gold just as fast as he could.

Which, actually, is fine.

And then he died.

That's when I started remembering the early days of my Marvel-hood when I bought/borrowed/stole everything that came out of Marvel Studios.
I was a card-carrying member of the Merry Marvel Marching Society and I was a Friend of Old Marvel (FOOM). We were a No-DC family. Batman and Robin were totally gay and Superman, well, who could take a strip with Superhorse, Supermonkey or Superdog seriously?

I and my brothers, Mark and Bill, spent untold hours on the floor of our bedroom creating our own epic versions of Marvel comics using nothing more sophisticated than Bic pens and lined notebook paper. A lot of these strips  featured superheroes as rock stars. (Picture the Archies replaced with the Fantastic Four.)

Unknowingly, these sessions, which turned into friendly competitions between us, not only taught us composition but also human anatomy (Marvel-style). Our friends noticed this ability first, then our art teachers, then we began to be of known as an "artistic family". Then I began taking it seriously, thinking I could make a career of art. Which I did. All because I liked comics.

Marvel comics.

Thanks for everything, Stan Lee, you magnificent bastard!


end rant

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When I was a kid there was almost nothing better than a Marvel comic. I spent hours copying the artwork and making my own comic books. Looking back, this is what eventually led me to pursue a career in the arts. So, thank you, Stan Lee, for your inspiration. Excelsior!

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