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The progressive web comic about white supremacy and wind turbines.

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White Renewable Power, Baby!

Okay, so where the Hell have I been for the past three weeks?

Well, basically, ever since the health care debacle in the Senate there has been absolutely nothing to satirize out of Washington. Really! I mean, what have we learned in the past three weeks? That the Giant Orange Baby-Man is a racist? Shit, I knew that a LONG time ago.

Even so, it doesn't matter if Baby-Man has been publicly unmasked as a white supremacist. The Republican Party doesn't care, and if they don't care then nothing changes. We're right back to August 2nd except now the quisling in the Oval Office can openly fly his Nazi flag and show everyone his ass.

Worse still, it's depressing to know that I can draw cartoon after cartoon about the evils that are inherent  in our government due to Republican negligence, greed, and stupidity and know that nothing will change until at least half of all Republican congressman die sucking Koch brother dick.

But draw I shall. Bear with me.


Why is there no visible evidence of T-Rump's public support?

Where are the mobs of anti-muslims storming the airports to voice their support of T-rumps's immigration laws?

Where are the noisy crowds outside Congress screaming for the end of Obamacare?

Where are the vast numbers of white supremacists demanding that we make America white again?

Where was his inaugural crowd?

And in Phoenix, where Hair Furor tweeted that he orated before 15,000 people, the actual number was closer to 4000.... maybe.

There is no real support for this Mango Meadow Muffin because the vote was stolen, especially in the Blue Wall states which went JUST red enough, less than one percent, to deny voters an inspection.

The only real support T-rump has is from the Mercers and the Putins and the Kochs of this world. These thugs are coming for your media, and they're coming for your vote. If this country is to be saved it will require massive protests in the streets against these awful men. And it must begin now.


end rant

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Department of Energy scientist at podium. Wind turbine with blades shaped like swastika.
This new wind turbine design was a vital compromise with the president. The public gets more renewable energy
and he promises to not to burn gays, immigrants and blacks in power plant furnaces.