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The progressive web comic about fake reverse discrimination.

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Perverse Discrimination.

Story #1

Back in 2003 the propaganda drum-beats for the invasion of Iraq had begun and the "patriots" on one of my favorite chat sites were publicly salivating at the possibilities of "turning the sand to glass". I argued so vehemently against this vanity war that I was eventually banned.

Gosh, imagine. (He said, eyes batting furiously.)

But these were still the early, innocent days of the 'net so all it took was a fake email address and a new account and I was back in the fight. Only this time I eschewed all talk of war and merely peppered the boards with innocuous messages, each accompanied by a small thumbnail of a flower that was served directly from my web host.(Dun-dun-dunnnnnn.)

After a few hundred of these posts were in place I went to the server, deleted the flower image, and replaced it, filename and all, with a 10-meg high-rez image. For those not familiar with the state of connection speed in 2003 this action was akin to every 18-wheeler locking-up their brakes on the freeway... at rush hour.

Petty? Yes. Satisfying? Oh, yeah. Would I do it again? Well, let's just see which country Trump decides to nuke first.


Story #2

I'm selling a rather bulky piece of technology on Craigslist and an interested party asked if I could demo it for him at a local Starbucks. I responded that I wasn't lugging it anywhere, that if he wanted to see it in operation he had to come to my house. He said no because, basically, he said he was afraid.

I understood what he meant, and I felt sorry for him. He'd fallen for the media-driven paranoia that crime is everywhere and we're all its next victim. The guy had my name, my phone number and my address. Hardly the sort of thing a person intending to commit a crime would provide.

(Yeah, its possible to be mugged, robbed and raped during a CL transaction but the same thing can happen to you during a routine traffic stop in our lovely little police state.)

I learned a long time ago to not argue with people like this so I told him to have a good life. The world is still full of brave suckers.


end rant

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