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Raising the Red Flag

The following is a list of just SOME of the results of Russia interfering in our elections:

Dirtier air and water
Accelerated climate change
Weakened worker health and safety protection
Removed privacy protection on the internet
Less parental leave
Weaker sexual harassment protection
Attacked religious freedom
Attacked the free press
Attacked the courts
Increased access to guns by the mentally ill
Increased drone killing of innocents
Less financial protection for the elderly
Attempted to make health care more expensive and less effective

On the plus side we now have:

National Wear Red Day
Greek Independence Day.


T-Rump just launched $35 million dollars worth of Tomahawk missiles at Syria.

Or, in t-Rump terms, ten weekends of golf at Mar-A-Lago.


We're going to war with Syria because Assad killed his own people, even though Trump wants to pass a health-care bill that would kill his own people.


You have to be one incredibly heartless bastard to bomb a country yet not accept its refugees.


Let's make this clear: Launching 70 missiles at a country is a measure of last resort.

Trump just pussy-grabbed Syria because he believes he has the right to do this.


Don Rickles died today. That little sumbitch made millions laugh and maybe even got a couple of them to think. He certainly had a hand in making me the antisocial crank I am today.

Cthuhlu-speed, you magnificent hockey-puck.


end rant

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