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The progressive web comic about Trump and Assad killing Syrian children.

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Hush Little Baby

Two days before Trump heroically launched 59 Tomahawk missiles at that Syrian airbase as part of his brilliant plan to profit Raytheon, Russia, himself and, oh yeah, show that gold-dern Assad that gassing young'ns was verboten, the Oaf of Office slashed vital funding for a program that helps mothers and their newborns. Trump's excuse for the fund reduction was all the abortions which resulted. As usual, Trump was lying his ass off as no abortions can be funded with federal funds.

By an odd coincidence, the cost of the missiles Trump launched at, well, whatever it was, would have easily replaced the funding for the United Nations Population Fund, about 79 million dollars. And what sort of luxury services did the UNPF provide?

Delivery kits containing a plastic sheet, a razor blade, a bar of soap, plus a rope and string. It sounds ridiculously rustic but these simple materials would be the difference between life and death for up to 48,000 Syrian mothers and their babies.

in 2016 alone the UNFPA saved 2,340 women worldwide from dying during pregnancy and childbirth, prevented 947,000 unintended pregnancies, prevented 295,000 unsafe abortions and funded 1,251 surgeries for fistula, a devastating condition resulting from obstructed labor that causes a woman's urine or feces to leak out of her body.

And no amount of missiles could replace that.


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Lefty: The actions of that monster is going to result in hundreds, maybe thousands of children dying in Syria.
HOP elephant: Yeah! We must not stop until that bastard Assad has been momentarily inconvenienced!
Dude! I was talking about Trump's hateful cut to the U.N. Population Fund!
Sorry, dead babies only count if they're photogenic.