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Once Upon A Despotic Time

There are still 696 government officials that require Senate approval and President Pmurt has nominated only four.


This means that no one is running the U.S. store.

Total. Incompetency."


Russian ambassador, 64, drops dead of heart attack today in New York.

Probably another case of Ken Lay disease. Totally unsuspicious.

Fun Fact: Lay also died of a heart attack at age 64. Just sayin'.


Fox News anchor Chris Wallace says the president has crossed the line with attacks on media.

This probably means Fox thinks it can now make money both attacking AND shilling-for the so-called prez.


The KGB's Pocket President is complaining about paid protesters, but he's right. Government protesters WERE being paid... back in 2009.

I happen to know, for a fact, that many of those angry people protesting the ACA were paid handsomely by the insurance companies to show up and raise hell.

But liberals protest Trump for free, 'cause we're like that.

Anyway, this is just another case of Republicans blaming Democrats for stuff they do.


The Orange Potentate says that the news is the enemy of the people. He's also said that if the people want real news then they need to get it from him, therefore Grabby McStinkFinger is admitting that he is the enemy of the people.

But we already knew that.


Back in early 2002, after the attack of 9-11, fervent Bushies kept yapping "Think how bad this would have been if Gore had been President". Much face-palming ensued from people who knew better.

So now Tr*mp is screwing the pooch in a way previously unimaginable. So guess what the fervent Tr*mpies are going to be saying sooner rather than later. That's right....

"Think how bad this would be if Hillary had been elected."

Just wait. It'll happen. I'm getting my palm ready.


By President Obama's first 45 days in office he'd passed a stimulus package that helped reverse the economic recession and signed legislation that bailed-out the auto industry. Mr. Obama saved this country's economic ass.

So far, Groper McTinyPinkies has done nothing to help create jobs, and has nothing planned. So far he's just BEING an ass.


end rant

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