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Who Knew?

Remember when the So-Called President tweeted:

“Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don't know what to do."

As it turns out, we DO know what to do.


Day 25: Hillary Clinton has not been locked up by the Trump administration.

Gotta be any day now though, right? I mean, that woman is a menace. No telling how many ambassadors she'll kill before she's through.


White House spokesman Stephen Miller said he'd "go on any show, any time, anywhere" to prove the So-Called President's claim of voter fraud.

Last night Stephen Colbert invited Miller to come to the Late Show, today, Feburary 15th. Said Colbert: "If you don't come on my show I'm going to call you a liar. If you DO come on my show I'm going to call you a liar to your face."



The So-Called President's response to recent revelations regarding Russian intrigue:

1. Blames the security agencies.
2. Blames Obama.
3. Blames Clinton.
4. Blames the leakers.
5. Blames himself (I made that one up.)


There's evidently a Kool-Aid drinking contest between Stephen Miller and Kelly Conway, trying to see who can spread the biggest whoppers. That stuff is TOXIC, baby. Not to them, unfortunately.


Michael Flynn has resigned but this does NOT reset the sin at zero. The stink of his resignation is still all over Trump and he's every bit as dirty as Flynn.


So we're to believe that Michael Flynn discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador of his own accord? Without any input from Trump?

I'd actually believe that because Trump obviously knows nothing. All he needs is buttons for eyes and he'd be a perfect sock puppet for Bannon.


Congressional Republicans will not investigate Trump's ties to Russia because they're afraid of self-incrimination. The names of important Republicans are certainly contained in documents connected to this case but they're going to stonewall like crazy.


Before he left office President Obama placed very carefully worded sanctions on Russia. He also opened up the transfer of intelligence between the NSA and other agencies.

In other words, he baited the trap and released the hounds.


The So-Called President's dissonant tweets are designed to set the media's hair on fire so that the GOP can quietly poison the environment and loot the Treasury.

That's why his cabinet is full of ill-prepared mini-pussy-grabbers, each chosen carefully to magnify the social media chaos while stories of catastrophic perfidy languishes on page 11B.


end rant

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