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It's Money That They Love

Today is Day Six of my "Raging Pencils Post-Solstice Regurgithon", a celebration of classic RP 'toons while I reacquaint myself with the mysteries of regular heart rhythms.

This particular 'toon is from May 30, 2011. The elephant pictured is orange as a salute to the now gone, but never lamented, King of the Jersey tan, former Speaker of the House, John Boehner.


I keep hearing that "the actual vote wasn't hacked".

If you believe that, you don't really understand computers.

Or why we're now using computer voting methods at all.


In case you need a new description of Trump:

The Cheeto Benito.


Trump recently tweeted that anyone who doesn't agree with him about Russia are "idiots or fools".

When you think about it, Trump has flip-flopped his opinion about every single position (meaning, he lies) except one: Russia.

Release your tax returns, Donald. Let us really see what leverage Putin has over you.


Russia is a third-rate nation. Its economy is in a tail-spin and its military is not near as powerful as you may be led to believe. So why does the Cheeto Benito admire Vladimir Putin?

It's because Putin has used his power as President to become very, very wealthy and has dictatorial powers the Manchild Churian is anxious to acquire.

So forget any notion of this man-child working to improve the plight of common man. He's in it for himself, not America.


You know all those embarrassing DNC emails released by Wikileaks? The CIA report on Russia's part in their release made it clear that the KGB also has a fat wad of RNC emails and there's little doubt that some of those emails may include information about how the RNC suppressed the Rust Belt vote, a loss of possibly millions of Democratic votes. The blackmail potential for this alone is staggering.


Here's why I'm not the world's biggest Star Wars fan. This is by Jordan_the_Hutt, via reddit.com

Obi Wan, to Luke Skywalker: "Your father's lightsaber. He wanted you to have it when you were old enough. Actually he thinks he killed you along with your mom, but I want you to have it. He used it to kill a whole school full of children and teachers once. Of course, after that I needed to take it from him so I chopped him to pieces, told him I loved him, and left him to die. He was a good friend.

Now come with me to Alderaan so I can recruit you into a religious war."


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GOP elephant pulling wagon full of campaign cash.
Man: Congressman, doesn't it bother you that by restricting abortion access you're dooming many women to an agonizing death?
Boehner: Not really. They wouldn't have voted for me anyway.