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High Colonic.

I completely missed the Colin Kaepernick story. How could I have not noticed the heinous, traitorous stunt he pulled by not standing for our national anthem? (I'm certain that every football-lovin' patriot dutifully stands at attention with hand over heart during the playing of the national anthem before each and every game. Right?)
Suddenly, every third post on Facebook was about whether Colin should be either horsewhipped of boiled in oil, and I was like "WFT?"

Oh, yeah... it's because I don't read conservative hate-blogs or watch Fox Nausea.

Thankfully, those hateful Facebook screeds were leavened by more thoughtful users, especially Iraq war veteran Jim Wright who offered the best of all possible Shut-the-Hell-ups!

Mr. Kaepernick has, in my opinion, a perfectly legitimate complaint about how the uniformed minions of the rich shoot first and hide the evidence later, especially when said shootings involve minorities. He is, in my estimation, much more of a patriot than any real estate narcissist with five draft deferments.


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