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Somewhere, lost in the fog of time, there was once a gathering of male proto-humans, each hooting and grunting excitedly, squatting around the smoldering remains of a squirrel barbeque. I'm told the conversation went something like this:

"Hey, guys. Remember that tiger pelt I had? Well, I draped it over the rocks in the back of the cave and it perfectly complemented the mineral smears in the rocks."

"Complemented? What are you? Some kinda fag?"

"No, no. Hear me out. So Ooonga walks past my cave..."




"Yeah,  I know! So Ooonga sees the tiger pelt up on the rocks, 'cause, you know, I'm like the first guy to ever do this, and she asks if she can come take a closer look. I said sure, so she comes in and walks around the rug and all the time she's, like, not growling or baring her teeth at me menacingly. I'm tellin' ya, guys, she is totally mesmerized. So she asks if she could, like, sit down on it and I go, like, yeah, sure, whatever you want. So she sits down, then stands up a bit, and then sits down again real slow and gets, like, really comfortable. And that's when I hit her in the head with a rock and mated with her."

"Oh, dude! I got to get a cave and a tiger pelt of my own!"

"Yeah, me, too!"

And that's how man invented the home furnishing industry.


The following has nothing to do with anything in today's 'toon. I just want to make a request of the Japanese anime industry:

Please stop dubbing and subtitling your animations into English for the America market. Subtitles are a nuisance (though I prefer them to dubbing) and English dubs never sound right. Instead, redub using Japanese voice actors who can speak English but still have a strong Japanese accent. It's all about the inflection, baby.

American's would adapt to this instantly because it's not a new concept for us. For years and years we've watched World War II films in which the Nazis spoke English but with a thick German accent. Consider the ever-popular "Ve haff vays of makink you talk!". Suppose that was in perfect English, or subtitled.


I think it'd work but if you think I'm just being a huge gaijin baka then gomen'nasai!


end rant

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