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The ADHD News

The only reason we have something like news media is that humans, as a race, are horrible creatures. We're not only ghastly to one another we seem to enjoy watching the results. Any truly civilized race would not need a running tab of its inhumanity (inspeciesanity?) to one another, not to mention all the while profiting from them by interspersing each new atrocity with ads for government-approved wonder cures and technological curiosities. And at dinnertime, too. Among contemporary humans barbarities occur with such frequency that we can't properly address one shocking monstrosity before our attention lurches to the next.

Yes, Brexit is terrible but it's basically about financial winners and losers. It offers little succor to starving  regions or those rocked by natural disasters, probably the only category of catastrophe that would warrant widespread media attention in my imagined perfect world.

Brexit is an example of a country trying to make the world a better place. It failed because humans were involved.


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Li'l Lefty arguing with TV
Oh, great media gods, what's the latest on the Pulse massacre?
Dude, there were 49 people killed.
But... congressional sit-ins? John Lewis? Gun control?
Brexit! Brexit! Brexit!
Sigh. Okay. Fine. Brexit. Tell me more.
Oops! Too late. Old news. Try to keep up next time.

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