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The progressive web comic about judge Scalie and Prince and the autopsy.
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The Prince and the Pooper

In the first season of "Breaking Bad" Jesse's girlfriend, Jane, dies of a heroin overdose in his apartment. Soon afterwards, fixer Mike Ehrmantraut swoops in to handle the predicament. With evidently practiced efficiency he quickly collected the drugs and the drug money, removed the incriminating evidence, did a little light dusting and, as a coup de grace, burned into Jesse's brain a concocted yet reasonably exculpatory explanation of the conniving little vixen's demise.

This is more of less exactly how I pictured the initial moments following the discovery of Judge Scalia's body. I'm sure the local fixers had their way with the room before the judge's carcass was evacuated, toot suite, into the arms of a local embalmer, whereupon any evidence of foul play went literally down the drain. After that, the family announced "Hands off!" so any thoughts of an autopsy was just a progressive dream.

As for Prince, the authorities couldn't wait to open him up and find.... something. Anything. Maybe it's just me but it sure seems that when notable black people die suddenly it has to be drug-related and if  it takes weeks to find a connection, well, that's the price of science. But when rich and famous white people die <cough>Ken Lay<cough> they can't be buried fast enough.


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

A world-renowned thoroughly qualified authority figure answers Lefty's burning questions.
Why did they perform an autopsy on Prince?
There was worry that he might have died from using drugs.
So why didn't they perform an autopsy on Antonin Scalia?
Same reason.

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