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End of An Era

I'm going to be saying goodbye to old friend this weekend... OSX 10.5.8, Apple's operating system circa 2007. I know it sounds odd to still employ such an antediluvian system but I never upgraded to newer OS's for two reasons:

(1) I didn't see the need to. All my software worked just fine, thank you very much.

(2) My 2004 model G5 tower just refused to die. The thing was built like a brick shithouse but the power supply, the heart of this great beast, finally gave out about a month ago. And these G5 PowerPCs topped out at 10.5.8. No 10.6+ for them.

Since then I've been using a backup G5 but the writing was on the wall so, during the past few weeks, I've been searching the 'net, assembling the new fleet; a pair of iron-clad Mac Pros. They are, of course, both used units but they're in excellent shape. (I needed a second unit just in case another electrical crisis ensues.)

Small digression: I also felt rather smug on the security front and literally no coder in his right mind is wasting time writing hacks for a PowerPC computer.

These systems are easily twenty times more powerful than the old G5, whose 2.7ghz dual-processor in its day was second only to the 2.5ghz quad-cores (which, oddly enough, still fetch a pretty penny on eBay) so the extra horsepower will be fun to have on hand. However, there's bound to be software glitches so here's hoping for the best.


end rant

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