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The progressive web comic about the North Carolina LGBT discrimination laws.
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Straight Flush!

Here's another good idea for North Carolinians who think the new LGBT laws are a bit medieval... convincingly disguise yourself as the opposite sex and visit public bathrooms, but use the gender-correct banos. If someone calls the gendarmes just whip out the genetalic goods and say "See? Now show me yours."

Just imagine large gaggles of such cosplayers parading from powder room to outhouse to squat-slab and the resultant, frantic public outreach to the local constabulary. After hundreds of such calls a day the police would be afraid to venture out of the ye olde donut shoppe.

As you can see, the problem with the new discrimination law is enforcement. Should anyone of indeterminate sex, and you know who I mean, have to suffer daily humiliations at the hands of people with no imagination? Will there eventually be jail cells full of potential Pats?

The real question is "Why would anyone write such laws?" From all that I know the real problem in ladies bathrooms are the complete piggettes who routinely trash the joints. (Funny how it's the "other women" who make a mess of the latrines, not the women who relate such tales.)

If hommes masquerading as femmes crashed the female lavs they'd be more inclined to fix the plumbing and the cabinetry than assault the unwary. Besides, it's hard enough getting a woman's pantyhose off with the intention of rape. Imagine having to doff your own hose, too.

But I get it. Conservatives hate the gays, or anything they can't easily define as male or female, but if they were serious about this they'd also outlaw flowers (both male and female reproductive organs), beer and bread (made from non-sexual yeast), "Finding Nemo" (adult clown fish can change their sex), and Jesus, whose mother only had sex with a god. Now THAT'S weird.


Technical Note: No, the HTML isn't screwed up. The format of the site has been modestly changed. I've arbitrarily moved all the essential stuff to the left so that you fine folks enjoying my 'toons via mobile devices won't have to swipe so much.

I will NOT be altering the format of all the other pages because I'm not altogether insane. Just 10% fruit juice.


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Attention, North Carolinians! Here’s an important tip on properly using your delightful new LGBT discrimination laws.
From now on every time you see someone enter a public bathroom be sure to alert the police and have that person gender-affirmed.
After all, unless they're naked everyone is now suspect of lgbt-ism.
And I mean everyone! Even congressmen.
You'll be doing your civic duty and the police will just LOVE their new endless parade of responsibilities. So don’t wait. Call now!

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