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The progressive web comic about Merrick Garland and the GOP.
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Judged On His Own Merrick

The Republicans in the House and Senate LOVE Merrick Garland. He's got friend all over DC, on both sides of the aisle. The GOP even said that Mr. Obama would never dare nominate him because he wasn't liberal enough, but now they're all "Ewww! He's got Negro cooties! Ick-ick-ick!"



(The following is transcribed from the latest creation from political animator extraordinaire, Mark Fiore.)

Dear Heathen Infidels,

First, thanks for calling this "war", which makes us sound like a big army, which we're not. (Shhhhh!)

Thank you, Ted Cruz, for calling for police crackdowns in Muslim Neighborhoods. (We trusted you'd overreact.)

Thank you, Donald Trump, for promoting torture! GREAT for recruitment, like before!

Trump = Jobs for Jihadists!

Thanks to cable news! Only YOU can give a few guys with nail bombs wall-to-wall coverage!

Thanks to ALL who call for laws to change and for compassion to end. We couldn't do it without you!

Thanks for saying we're an "existential threat" instead of just murderers. (We LOVE a clash of civilizations!)

Most of all, THANK YOU for being terrified. You put the "terror" in "terrorism!"

Thank you.

Love, ISIS


end rant

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The reason the GOP won't give Merrick Garland a confirmation hearing.
Do you have any questions about his judicial record?
Do you have any questions about his personal life?
Do you plan on approving the nominee?
Do you realize you look like a total dick to the American public?