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Who's A Good Doggy? Not You! Not You!

I recently heard Donald Drumpf guarantee, that's GUARANTEE, that Apple would be building iPhones in America once he's president.

Okay, if the Republicans gain the White House, Senate and Congress they could conceivably repeal the minimum-wage laws and allow Apple to pay its workers a dollar-an-hour. Then, yeah, maybe the iPhone will be built somewhere in the bowels of Appalachia.

But who would we sell them to? Who could afford them?

Oh, yeah... the Chinese.

Yes, this is the conservative wet dream. A captive, undereducated populace cranking out consumer goods for the one-billion-strong Chinese middle-class.


Anyway, Drumpf is again threatening to run as an independent. He's used that as a very serious threat in the past but I'm wondering if the RNC might soon call his bluff. They're awfully keen to ditch him in favor of a quisling who'll do their bidding but the voters are having too much fun with his antics.

There's little doubt that DT see's the brokered-convention writing on the wall and is currently greasing the skids for a rough landing come November. He's been purposely short-circuiting the GOP candidate-process for the past year so an independent run would be a big, juicy cherry on that cake.

Go, Donald, go!


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Kid talking to teacher.
My dog ate my Donald Trump homework assignment. His kidneys shut down and he's now bleeding profusely from his eyes and anus. He's incessantly projectile vomiting and the volume of his diarrhea is of biblical. The doctor's say he may live but he'll lack brain function and will have to be kept in an iron lung for the rest of his life.
And that was just the cover sheet.