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Man! I am SO enjoying watching the GOP explode from the inside out.

In case you're curious, today's comic was WAY late because, frankly, I'm suffering a severe case of Trump Fatigue. It's impossible to get away from his lunatic ramblings because the media is making a fortune off of his decidedly unpresidential antics. Eventually, though, the tide will turn and the media will gleefully depict his many flaws 24/7. Partly because people love to watch a celebrity flame-out but primarilybecause the GOP wants Rubio on the final ballot.

BTW, the "Drumpf" on the pot is Trump's original family name. It better suits the odious little toad.

Finally, go watch Jon Oliver's takedown of Donald Drumpf. It's viral-riffic!


end rant

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GOP elephant feeding Fox News Poo to Audry 2 plant in Drumpf Trump pot.
The hicks love him. What could possibly go wrong?