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The progressive web comic about Trump destroying the Republican party.

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Hail Trump!

House Speaker Paul Ryan threw in the towel on the presidential race on Monday so today Trump announced that he's "free of the shackles" of Republican restraint and will now campaign as he pleases.

The last time a big ape broke his shackles and ran amuck he got shot off the Empire State building.


News out of North Carolina is that early voting for president has shown a 50% drop in Republican numbers compared to 2012. Democratic votes are running slightly above 2012 rates.

Remember, this is North Carolina, people. Not exactly a progressive enclave. Think about what might happen in states with more a sensible voting infrastructure.

Yes, the House might be in play this year.


Here's comedy amongst the political headlines:

There are reportedly Republican congressional candidates who want to publicly disavow Trump but they can't because Mr. Tic Tac threw so much red meat at conservative voters Sunday night. Now they'll either lose their self-respect if they cling to Trump or outright lose their race if they disavow him.

There is no downside to this, kids.


The Republican Party has connived to kill the middle class for the past 35 years, probably longer, and now they want the presidency back based on the idea of making the same America they damaged "Great Again".

They mean "great" for the 1%, not the rest of us.

In 2010 they ran on a platform of creating jobs simply to gain the Congress, then proceeded to do nothing for six years except try to stall the economy.

Republicans think the American people are stupid.
So far, they've been right, but we can change that. Give Hillary a progressive House and Senate. Otherwise it's four more years of the same old nothing.


One last thing: For those who don't remember Bill Clinton was not reponsible for NAFTA. That honor rests solely with George H.W. Bush who initialed it in August of 1992 and officially signed it in December of 1992, before beating it hastily out of town. Clinton signed it into law in December of 1993.
The deal went into full effect on January 1, 1994.

For the record, it was approved by more Republicans than Democrats: 234-200 in the House and 34-27 in the Senate.


Learning Moment of the Week: If you use the word "pu**y" several times on your web page, Google won't serve your ads. Sigh.


end rant

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