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The progressive web comic about Flint, Michigan and GOP recruitment drives.
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Heavy Metal

I'm a full day late finishing this comic because this situation in Flint has preyed on my mind like a rabid, mutant, radioactive version of "The Girl From Epanema", if you know what I mean.


Some fave tweets about the latest Republican dog-n-pony show.

Just stuck my head out my hotel window and I literally heard women's vagina's going dry as these guys gab about abortion.
- Patton Oswalt

This is the part the debate where each candidate explains how to get to Heaven by takin' insurance away from poor folks.
- Tea Pain

Jeb Bush: I can beat Hillary Clinton, even though I'm losing to all 9 people who are losing to Hillary Clinton.

Weird how Chris Christie's example of America not being safe happened under a Republican president.
- Cafe

Chris Christie: "My wife was near NYC on 9/11, which is super convenient for my campaign now."
- Literally Kate

Ben Carson always sounds like he's re-telling the plot of a movie that the two of you just saw together.
- Anne T. Donahue

Ted Cruz: "You need someone who will kill the terrorists, but not like Obama killed Bin Laden."
- Literally Kate

Ben Carson : "I'm going to try reciting The Preamble without singing it like I learned on Schoolhouse Rock."
- Patton Oswalt

Jeb Bush: "I will (gnnnuh) defeat (gnuhl) Hillary." -Patton Oswalt


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

GOP elephant pumping lead into river: Actually, this is all about recruitment. We figure if we destroy the minds of black communities they'll start voting Republican.