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The progressive comic about the GOP's lunatic need to shut down the government.
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Slippery Shutdown Slope

To be precise, this is how the typical Tea Party simian thinks government works. Hostage-taking always sounds like a reasonable solution to constituents who are well-armed.


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

GOP elephant: Mr. President, We will shut this government down unless you defund Planned Parenthood.
Obama: I guess I have no choice. Consider it defunded.
Really? Uh, I mean... we will shut this government down unless you also burn down all the abortion clinics.
You have me over a barrel. I'll supply the gasoline.
Really? In that case, we'll shut this government down unless you initiate a policy of force-insemination of all unmarried virgins.
Sounds extreme, but my hands are tied.
This! This is how you make government work!
And then you wake up.