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Controlled Supposition

In lieu of anything vaguely cogent from me today (Like I actually have TIME to rub two words together) I'd like to share the words of a Redditor named Hazzman who offered a rather pithy elaboration on recent presumption that 9-11 was an inside job. Take it away, Hazzy.


"There is so much solid evidence that points towards an inside job that has nothing to do with the conjecture of those fucking towers or missiles into the pentagon.
I wish people would realise just how this entire issue has been framed around that.

We need to start talking about troop positions on Afghanistans border before 911. The movement of money from the ISI to the hijackers. General Mahmoud having breakfast with the house intelligence committee on the morning of 911. Shoot down orders changing hands form the joint chiefs to the vice president before 911. Stand down orders being enforced with testimony by Norman Mineta. Unclaimed put options. PNAC writing think pieces basically calling for this kind of attack to reinvigorate the military industrial complex's ludicrous cold war sized budget. INSANE NUMBERS of foreign intelligence warnings being ignored, over and over and over again. Our own sophisticated precursor to NSA surveillance, military grade AI information syphoning program ECHELON being ignored when it picked up the chatter.

The bush administration ignoring the multiple intelligence briefings indicating an attack was coming. The bush-binladen connections that have existed for decades. The clear intention to establish oil pipelines using Taliban assistance back in 1997. The FBI had assets LIVING WITH THE hijackers before the attacks took place. The fact that these attacks and the activities that occurred after it were almost carbon copies of previous plans to invade Cuba with Operation Northwoods including snipers running around DC. The fact that the anthrax attacks were actually American strains created by American bio-weapons laboratories but blamed on Al-Qaeda. The fact that Al-Qaeda was an American creation of whom many high level American diplomats had meetings with them during their war with the soviets. That fact that during these attacks it just so happened that those Straussian fuckwads were in power and had major boners for the idea of a clash of civilizations... which they also mentioned time and time again after the attacks to instill the idea of a new Crusade.

Nah let's just endlessly talk about the fucking towers over and over and over again. Nothing will ever come of any of this because people are too fucking stupid and the people that pulled this off are smart. It's that simple. We are communicating on a medium that was developed by the military. Everything we write is anonymous. Everything we write is visible to them. Everything out there can be manipulated with sophisticated psyops programs and when I see this endless fucking mind numbing bullshit talking about steel beams and towers and free fall speed as if that's the be all and end all of the entire conversation its depressing.

And yet people will defend it "Its just as important". We've done more than enough damage focusing so heavily on that. People parroting the same old bullshit day in day out without actually looking into anything else themselves. Investigating and propagating useful information for others to pick up on. Just the same old bullshit. I worry what kind of information we have let slip through out fingers for having this conversation so carefully framed into such a myopic, endless, mind numbing conversation about those fucking towers.



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end rant

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