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The progressive comic about the sixth extinction event.
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Zero Population Oath

I intended to go into a full, vein-bulging, fire-breathing Rant about how our human proclivity to burden the Earth with way too many warm bodies needs to be summarily addressed before we start knifing each other for our rainwater runoff, but I realized that no words of my peculiar wisdom would make the smallest dent in skulls protected by Duggar-quality obliqueness. However, a step in the right direction for we Americans might be to quit offering tax deductions for more than two children, a measure which will require a bit of grandfathering, for sure.

Meanwhile scientists, human ones, that is, speculate that the Earth is trundling towards a sixth major extinction event, one driven by man's short-sighted dominion over the land. From the genetic ashes we leave behind there will no doubt arise new civilizations, one which, hopefully, might even include an archeological wing. This could only lead to new museums full of dusty bones from the epoch of both man and dinosaur. (Three guesses whose bones the schoolchildren of
100,002,015 AD will find more interesting, T-Rex or homo couch-potatum.)

There's no doubt that the THINGS the human race created will be more interesting to future historians than the species itself though some of the items will be completely indecipherable without a user-manual. Namely millions upon millions of small rectangles of plastic and glass, entirely featureless save for a small, circular silhouette of what might have been the fruit of a tree.



Ongoing technical note: For those employing an RSS feed the new file-name is "rp-rss.xml". I could have kept the old filename but I'm pretty sure the path to ragingpencils.com was going to break the feed anyway.


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Massive dollar-shaped asteroid heading for the Earth. Insect researchers from a zillion years in the future remark: ...and so we've determined that this was the probable cause of Earth's sixth extinction event..