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Wall Street Weak.

The Wall Street Journal recently weighed-in on income inequality and opined "Tish-tosh! If you took all the salaries of a million-employee company and shared them equality it would raise worker hourly pay by only a nickel. A NICKEL!"

Well, yeah, but if you had a thousand employees and a million-dollar payroll that means everyone gets $1000, CEOs included. But if that one guy got his 300X CEO payroll that leaves $770 per person for everyone else.

$770 vs. $230,000. Hmmm. Don't seem right.

The WSJ's conclusion is that the difference is really 5-1 but the Washington Post thinks otherwise, pegging the ratio at 354-1. I know which one I'm going with. (Click chart for larger version.)

tation of CEO pay in the U.S.


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Boss: I realize it seems alarming that CEOs makes 300 times the average worker salary but if you pool employee resources the inequality doesn't appear quite so stark.
Employee: You mean like... form a union?
Kahuna: I'm sorry. Let me rephrase that....
You're fired.